Big Brother The Chase Day 11: Kisses all around

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On Thursday, Biggie had a balancing act up his sleeves for the housemates. In pairs, housemates had to balance a red polystyrene heart between their lips, for as long as possible.

In Rubies, the last two teams kissing, so to speak, were Pokello, Beverly and Bassey and LK4 and Koketso.

Over in Diamonds, three pairs were victorious. Elikem and Fatima (who got a little carried away during the task, occasionally grabbing each other’s for support), Bimp and Dillish and Hakeem and Fez (who continued kissing even after Biggie ended the task).

But however Feza was feeling after locking lips with the Zimbabwean hunk, she didn’t have long to dwell on it.

After Biggie announced that Hakeem won the most crushes, Hakeem quickly selected Cleo as the one to spend quality time with in the Rendevous Room. And, as fate would have it,  Cleo won the most crushes in Rubies and also chose to spend the time with her long-lost love.

Only time will tell if Feza is jealous of this reunion between the two lovebirds.

The Diamonds and Rubies learnt that sometimes, betting big pays off. Both houses succeeded in their task and won their wagers. And to add to the festivities, there was a photoshoot, with housemates donning their best..uhm, costumes.

Housemates dressed in colourful wigs, big sunglasses and even some angel wings for a photoshoot where they showed off their best poses.

Remember, time is running out. So to keep your favourite housemate in the game, you have to vote! This week’s nominees are LK4, Dillish, Feza, Pokello and Hakeem.

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