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John Kripsy is a Nigerian-born Dubai-based hip-hop rapper. He is a unique and talented hip-hop act. He was born and raised in the hip-hop culture of Festac Town, Lagos and was a well-known and renowned “Festac Boy” because of the buzz he grew on the streets of the town. In his Festac days, he collaborated with most recognized underground artists and he is known for his ‘smooth lyrical flow’ in any song most notably his amazing punchlines/metaphors.

Growing up for him was not the easiest and smoothest aspect of his life as he passed through various impossible situations, as he says “I have been through hell and I’m out now and can’t wait to share my experiences with the world”. John Kripsy has been involved in various feuds, troubles, trials and tribulations in his life but as a youngin who was determined to be focused and successful in life, he discovered that lyrics was his refuge and started engaging in rap battles and cyphers and almost single handedly dominated the underground rap scene on the streets of Festac Town.

During his high-school days he formed a musical group called “Bros Boys” and they would go head-to-head against other groups like “Sundown Guys” and “Shadow men” every week, and this went on for around a year. He would always win every weeks battle because of his great song-writing skills but would later on be dissed by other groups because of his weak dancing ability (till date he still doesn’t know how to dance). He was always one of the real hip-hop fans in his high-school and was an entertainer as often he would gather friends around and rap the lyrics of famous rappers back then most notably Eminem, The LOX, Nas, Jay-Z, and would often freestyle his own lyrics for them as well. He graduated from his high-school (King’s College, Lagos) with good grades and soon after went on and enrolled for University. He got into a private university in the eastside of Nigeria to study Economics but left after about 2 years due to lack of realness from the university, in what he called ‘a fake education’.

In 2009, he moved to Dubai, U.A.E to study at British University in Dubai, and after a while he continued his rap career and started recording more often and performing in shows and clubs. Since his coming to the U.A.E, he has successfully merged his studies and his rap perfectly well; with both having a good level of success. John Kripsy is now a well-known hiphop rapper in the U.A.E, as he is known by most fellow rap artists, music heads, producers, d.j’s and record labels. It is a well-known fact that John Kripsy is a really talented artist and could be a force to reckon with if properly managed. He has remixed most popular “hot songs” and turned them into “hot freestyles”.

On 10 December 2010, John Kripsy participated in a Rap Cypher along with Dubai-based local Rappers; Desert Heat, Twisted, and an unknown Pakistani rapper, hosted by Kilma records in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai. John Kripsy has had a couple of shows and cyphers around places in Dubai and around the U.A.E. It is an undeniable fact that John Kripsy is a lyrical genius as being described in many interviews, topics and discussions, and called “A Fresh Breath in the Nigerian Hip-hop Scene” by 360nobs group in one of the articles on their homepage. He is also tagged as “The Next Big Thing” in the Music Industry. He is constantly getting heavy buzz on his alias ‘Dubai’s Finest’ and also his ‘J.K’ trademark which stands for his name ‘John Kripsy’.

On 17 December 2011, He released his very anticipated debut-project titled “Flow Motion EP” for free downloads. Flow Motion EP featured few artists and the 5-star rated song ‘Baby I Need You‘; along with the 2011 international summer jam ‘Vorodeh Man‘ as a bonus track in the Deluxe Edition. Flow Motion EP recorded a whole lot of online downloads independently. Since then, “Baby I Need You” Featuring Tash K (Produced by ChocoJay) has been playing all over Dubai, Nigeria, and the United States of America, and has been rated 5-STAR by some Radio stations and Websites.

He is now currently working on a new Mixtape titled “Take It Personal” which already sounds good with regards to the current success of its first single titled “Son Of The Soil” Featuring ChocoJay (Produced by ChocoJay).

Download to all is songs BELOW:


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